New Home Buying Class Helps Hundreds of First-Time Home Buyers Find Their Dream Home
Buy Your Dream Home by Using Strategies and Tools Taught at a FREE, ALL NEW HOME BUYER CLASS
Buying a home is a complex process. Title Insurance – inspections – negotiations – mortgages.  This workshop is for First Time Buyers interested in buying a home and wants to be prepared to make the right decision
At the workshop, you’ll learn:
• How much home can I afford?
• How do mortgages work?

• What personal data you need to provide your lender immediately to make sure you get a full mortgage pre-approval
• the truth behind variable rate mortgages and how to decide whether they’re right for you
• Can I see my credit report? Is my credit good enough?
• What’s the best way to find the right home?
• How to avoid paying thousands more than what the home is actually worth, without even knowing it!
• How can I tap into the Realtor database to find the best homes before anyone else?
We’ll make buying your home simple. From getting started to getting moved in, we’ll lead you all the way through the process.

At the class you will receive a FREE Buyers Manual to get you started in the right direction.